03 mars 2011

Welcome to Mars !

Enfin les jours s'étirent
et c'est bon de sentir
la lumière
s'échapper de l'hiver
- - -
Finally days stretch
and it is good to feel
that the light

escapes from the winter

9 commentaires :

giveto a dit…

ton blog me plait beaucoup, ton regard sur les objets, sur le papier, j'aime!!
bonne soiré

Magdalena a dit…

Finally little bit of light, spring feeling!

Yvonne - Frl.Klein a dit…

Wonderful, I love your work!
I put you on my post today, to a list of my 3 favorite Blogs ( a challenge from a norwegian Blog). I hope it´s o.k. for you!
Wish you a wonderful weekend,

Bohème Circus a dit…

giveto ::: merciii beaucoup !!! cela me fait vraiment plaisir de voir que mon goût du papier passe à travers le blog :)

Magdalena ::: yes! good idea ! a little bit of the light of the spring.... with my cup of tea, please ;)
Thank you for your nice comment :)

Yvonne - Frl.Klein ::: Thank you very much ! I am very proud to see that you like my work, because I love also your beautiful pictures :)
Have a great week-end !

yaminoute a dit…

oulala!! moi j'aimerais bien un joli carnet comme ça..^^

kavka a dit…

Yes! it smeels like spring now. Beautiful works (like always) sweet weekend <3

Bohème Circus a dit…

yaminoute ::: merciii ! mais tu sais un peu de papier, un peu de colle... et hop le carnet commence à prendre forme... le secret : il suffit de s'y mettre ;)

Kavka ::: I like the spring good energy with the beauty of her light. thank you for your comment :)

Julie the Alkaline Sister a dit…

Your tape collection makes me envious! I'm still hunting and gathering. Lovely images and precious ideas:)

Bohème Circus a dit…

Julie the Alkaline Sister ::: thank you :) For the masking tape, I am as you, I always want it new for my collection. For it I look on Etsy. I am happy that you like my small notebooks :)

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