Paper tags

by - 6:01 PM

J'adore créer des étiquettes !
Je les glisse dans mes courriers,
je m'en sers de marque page,
elles viennent aussi évidemment habiller mes packages et petits cadeaux. 
C'est toujours pour moi l’occasion d'une recherche de graphismes, l'envie d'un certain design.
Pour celles-ci il m'a suffit d'encrer un tampon et de découper quelques rectangles de papier légèrement cartonné et voila !
Maintenant en y ajoutant quelques mots elles deviendront notecards !

Quelques inspirations supplémentaires ici et ici et et encore
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I adore to create tags !
I slide them in my snail mails,
I use it of bookmark,
They come to dress also obviously my packages and small gifts.
It is always for me the opportunity of a search for graphics, the envy for certain design.
For these, I used inks with a stamp and to cut some rectangles of card paper and Voila!
Now by adding it some words they will become note cards !

Some additional inspirations  here and  here  and there and again there

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  1. WOW, they're beautiful!!! You inspired me to create something lovely too. I wonder if I can make something as pretty as these tags...

  2. Very, very pretty!
    ~ Ms. Always Traveling

  3. C'est vraiment très joli, bravo , laetitia

  4. Yesterday I also carved some stamps. Did I already told you that I received your mail? Loved it!

  5. Camila Faria ::: I am happy that it inspires you and for my part it tempts me to send you some of these labels ;)

    Ms. Always Traveling ::: thank you, it's pretty and it's easy to make them !

    Scalaë ::: mercii :) Ah... quand je commence à découper et à "tamponner" je ne peux plus m'arrêter, je retombe en enfance :)

    studio meez ::: ah ! Very well ! I am always happy when my mails arrive safe and sound and when they please their addressees!
    To carve stamps is a very creative work, that's so pleasant to create an unique pattern. I also like it, but for the moment I am not still very experimented :)