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J'adore les assemblages d'objets, les collections par thème, par couleurs. C'est tout à la fois la base d'un travail visuel, pour donner naissance à autre chose. Mais c'est aussi un travail de stylisme, une création photographique.
Cela peut-être à la fois ludique et poétique, en tout c'est toujours l’occasion de raconter une histoire !
Qu'en pensez-vous, aimez-vous ce genre de photos ?
Des exemples ici > Collection
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I love the assembling of objects, collections by theme or by colors. It is all at once the basis of a Visual work, to give birth to something else. But it is also a work of styling, a photographic creation.
At once playful and poetic,  it's always an opportunity to tell a story!
What do you think about this, do you like this kind of pictures
Some examples in my pinterest board Collection

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  1. I love your photos! You have a great sense of styling. Also loving the mood that you give to them...
    I didn't know about you board on Pinterest. I am going to follow it.

  2. Lumineux et féérique

  3. Hello Celine, lovely collage of colors & textures as always. Summer is so inspiring with what it give us to create all of the beautiful paper art!

  4. Your pintrest board is lovely.
    I come to your blog because of the collected items style of your photography... oh and the delicious paper stuff!
    Thank you for sharing your eye for colour and design it is beautiful.

  5. Marta ::: Thank you for your nice comment and thank you to follow my Pinterest board !

    Nathalie ::: merci, j'espère que cela sera les qualificatifs de cet été !

    Jennifer ::: Thank you !!! Oh yes the summer lights gives ideas for creations in special shades !

    Joanna Palmer ::: Thank you, you are welcome here ! and thank you to follow my Pinterest board !

  6. I love this type of photo! Filled with postage stamps...which I love!