21 octobre 2014

Visual journal

inspiration  - creativity - collages - bohème circus - carnet - visual journal
 inspiration  - creativity - collages - bohème circus - carnet - visual journal
Tout comme il existe de nombreuses manières de s'exprimer, il existe de nombreuses façons de créer un visual journal. En ce qui me concerne j'aime utiliser ce support pour travailler mes couleurs et expérimenter des motifs graphiques. A la manière d'un graphic designer je crée des associations de couleurs et chaque page pourrait être considérée comme un mood board.  Chacune d'elles peut alors devenir l'ébauche d'une illustration, ou encore comme le point de départ de la création d'une collection de tissus, de papiers, d'une ligne de papeterie.
- - -
Just as there are many ways to express themselves, there are many ways to create a visual journal. 
In my case I like to use this medium to work my colors and experiment graphic patterns. In the manner of a graphic designer I create color combinations and each page could be considered a mood board.
Each of them can become a draft illustration, or as the starting point for the creation a collection of fabrics, papers, a line of stationery.

inspiration  - creativity - collages - bohème circus - carnet - visual journal
inspiration  - creativity - collages - bohème circus - carnet - visual journal
Comme toujours j'aime utiliser du masking tape et j'aime également travailler par superpositions pour donner du volume à mon mini book. J'aime aussi donner des dimensions différentes à mes pages pour jouer avec les couleurs sur plusieurs d'entre elles en même temps.
- - - 
As always I like to use masking tape and I also like working with overlays to give volume to my mini book. I also like to give different dimensions to my pages to play with colors on several of them simultaneously.

11 commentaires :

Marie-Louise a dit…

So beautifull. Love the colours. Can I ask you where you get those tags/ labels you often use in your posts?

Bohème Circus a dit…

Marie-Louise ::: Thank you :) about my tags/labels, I created them myself and I have sold them in my paper moods ! I will soon put on sale again !

lilie scrap a dit…

c'est très beau, j'adore!

Sarah a dit…

What a gorgeous little creation! Your posts always inspire me. :)

Jennifer (Gracie) Dillard a dit…

Your mini books are one of my favorites. I enjoy seeing the individual papers, tapes and colors in layers and combination to tell a story. So lovely and inspiring Celine. L O V E !

Marie-Louise a dit…

Ah, ok 😃 thank yoy for your answer. Actually I have some from a little book I purchased from you...in purple I think.

Bohème Circus a dit…

lilie scrap ::: merciiii :)

Sarah ::: thank you very much, a pocket size is perfect for create in freestyle, my creativity is ok with this size !

Jennifer(Gracie) Dillard ::: thank you very much, I am pleased that you like the story of my little papers! I know that your eye is attracted by the beautiful color combinations!

Marie-Louise ::: ok I see very well! The next kits will be with white labels with black lines, as in my image above :)

PeachSponge a dit…

So beautiful!

Bohème Circus a dit…

PeachSponge ::: thank you very much !

LUV2SCRAP a dit…

Beautiful! Fun little minis.

Bohème Circus a dit…

LUV2SCRAP ::: thank you for this nice comment !

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