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I was incredibly fortunate to be asked to be a part of the autumn issue of Artful Blogging. My copy arrived over the weekend and it is filled with amazing images and so many beautiful blogs. And it is such an honor to be published among several  talented bloggers.
Artful Blogging, a quarterly publication by Stampington & Company, "is filled with artistic endeavors, moments of self-discovery, tales of friendships, and much more. Get even more tips on Blogging Etiquette, How to Take Great Photos of Your Art, Blogger’s Must-Haves, and How to Get Started on your own blog!"

In the article I wrote, I share my vision of the art of blogging and it seems like a dream to see my photos and my words, in the pages of a magazine. Six pages to extend the relationship I have with you through this blog !
For this, thanks so much Artful Blogging and Jennifer Jackson Taylor. It's been a pleasure for me. Thank you also to my readers for your support and friendship !

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Il y a plusieurs semaines j'ai été contacté par Jennifer Jackson Taylor pour figurer dans le numéro d'automne du magazine ArtfulBlogging. Ce fut une surprise très agréable, et j'ai pu ainsi écrire (en anglais) un petit article sur la manière dont j'envisage l'art de bloguer. 
Ce week-end j'ai reçu un exemplaire du magazine, six pages de photos et de textes consacrés à BohèmeCircus et c'est un vrai honneur d'être publiée chez Stampington & Company. C'est aussi un vrai plaisir de pouvoir inspirer d'autres blogueuses. J'en profite d'ailleurs pour dire un grand merci à toutes les lectrices de ce blog !

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  1. Waouh! Congratulations :o)

  2. Félicitations ! Et c'est la reconnaissance du talent !

  3. Congratulations!! I love that magazine it always has such amazing and inspiring images and people.

  4. Nathalie ::: merciiiii !

    Laurence W ::: merci c'est gentil :)

    Kelly Zarb ::: thank you, yes you're right it is an inspiring magazine !

  5. Wow où il est fantastique! Vous et votre merveilleux blogue mérite une attention, si belle!

  6. Monsterscircus ::: merci merci merci !!! Thank you very much for this very kind comment♥

  7. I found your site thanks to the Artful Blogging article. This is a beatiful blog. I'm looking forward to future posts.

  8. Congrats! Your work is so so beautiful. Love to hear you are in the book. I need to clean my workspace and today I also start to collect little dear things to your letter. Have a lovely day!


  9. Anne Thompson ::: thank you very much ! Welcome to my universe :)

    Kreetta ::: Merciiii !
    Assemble them elements of an envelope/letter is like distributing the roles of a play, each takes place to give life to the general story !