09 avril 2015

Blooming stamps

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 bohème circus
 bohème circus
Pour qui aiment les illustrations botaniques, les timbres Japonais offrent de belles collections de kobushi et de sakura. (kobushi = magnolia - - - sakura = fleur de cerisier)
Cela donne des airs de printemps à n'importe quel bureau , n'est-ce pas ?

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For who love the flowers illustrations, Japanese stamps have beautiful collections of kobushi and sakura. (kobushi = magnolia - - -  sakura = cherry blossom)
This gives a spring appearance at any desk, is not it?

5 commentaires :

Rosa Lily a dit…

Beautiful! Thank you for my very quick 'Pink' order, I love it x

Bohème Circus a dit…

Rosa Lily ::: Thank you, I'm glad you've already received your Spring mood Papers, and I'm very happy you like it ♥

Sarah a dit…

Such beautiful little details! I love all of the paper patterns. :)

jen (Gracie) Dillard a dit…

These elements are so inspiring. The stamps create a mailing mood and the flowers add a beautiful touch of artwork.

Bohème Circus a dit…

Sarah ::: thank you , I like to play with different patterns !

jen (Gracie) Dillard ::: thank you, use different elements to telling a story is always a pleasant game, I like so much to create styling !

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