Aqua green 002

by - 4:52 PM

Explorer le végétal... en motifs, en photos, en illustrations.... je ne m'en lasse pas !
- - -
To explore the vegetable world in patterns, photographs, illustrations…
I am not tired of this !

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  1. your blog is lovely! you have wonderful taste. :)

  2. vicki ::: Welcome, I'm happy to discover you by here :) I like very much your beautiful way to capture the daily !

  3. Love yuor pictures and your flowers!

  4. I'm not getting tired of that either! Thanks for the visit so I could discover your beautiful blog. :)

  5. Mélie ::: merci ! je vais peut-être réaliserune série :)

    lilla a ::: welcome and than you ! I'm happy that love my pictures :)

    Karin A ::: Thank you :) I agree with you, the flowers are too beautiful to be tired of them. They are a real source of inspiration :)