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Je vous présente aujourd'hui le deuxième courrier que j'ai reçu via The happy mail Project.
Il s'agit d'une jolie petite enveloppe contenant des créations réalisées par Lily Moon.
Si vous ne la connaissez pas encore, il s'agit d'une illustratrice qui vit en Grande Bretagne et dont le travail à base d'aquarelles, traduit bien je pense, son amour pour les couleurs.
Pour en voir plus, et découvrir encore mieux son univers, je vous invite à visiter sa boutique Etsy.

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Today, I present you the second mail that I received via The happy mail  Project.
It is a pretty envelope containing the creations made by Lily Moon from United Kingdom.
Her beautiful watercolor illustrations are a delicate balance, that makes these works a perfect representation of a passion for the colors. 
If you want to take a look at her other works and to discover his universe, don't hesitate to check the Lily Moon etsy shop.


Thank you so much for these beautiful gifts 


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  1. En effet , de très jolies créations !

  2. Wow! This's a superb cool project.

  3. Hello Céline,
    I came over from BYW and I'm so glad to have found your blog, it is lovely! I'll be back.

  4. Her work is really beautiful! That's what I call a happy mail! :)

  5. So many pretty things in this parcel! xox

  6. beautiful mail! love your project!

  7. I have long admired her work, so very beautiful.
    (hi from byw :)

  8. Hi Celine,

    I jumped in from BYW and I´m so glad to find your blog, cause it´s such a pretty layout and lovely detailed blog, so I am keen to propose for the homework. I hope this is ok for you!
    And be sure, I´ll be back soon.

    Your work and your "silent" way to go in touch with your readers is what I need in this fast running time!

    Many greetings


  9. orangoing ::: yes, a bit of paper and few stamps and creativity travel !

    handmade by amalia ::: hello Amalia, thank you for this nice comment, you are welcome !
    (I'll go look at your blog )

    Camilia Faria ::: Yes, she creates beautiful watercolours. Thanks for her !

    Sewon ::: I love when treasures are travelling in small secret envelopes !

    yoojin ::: Yes it is a very pleasant way to share and create

    belinda.moonmum ::: Hello Belinda, nice to see you here !

    noz ! ::: Hi Katja,
    I'm happy with your presence here, ofcourse you can include my blog in your homework, I am very honoured by this choice. I continue to make changes and improvements, but I want to make this with softness.... I think my layout will still evolve, but I'll stick to a "clean" style !

    Now, I go to visit your blog